how to choose your colorbond roof colour

How to Choose Your Colorbond Roof Colour

Manufactured from sturdy and durable coated steel, Colorbond comes in a variety of classical and trendy colours, including the popular shades of grey, blue, cream and terracotta. You’ll never need to dye or re-paint your new roof because the polyester primer is baked onto its surface. Not sure how to choose the perfect hue that matches the style of your house and garden? Here is what you need to consider!

Style and Shape of Roof

When choosing the shade of a Colorbond roof, Perth locals consider the size and style of their house. Favourite roof styles are ranging from flat and butterfly shapes to gabled and hipped designs that are popular in windy and coastal areas. Since a modernist flat or skillion roof isn’t particularly noticeable, the choice of colour doesn’t have a huge impact on the design. This means you can pick a lighter shade because it reflects light and keeps the inside of your home cooler. A hipped roof with three, four or more planes is much more prominent. It is, therefore, crucial to pick a shade that blends well with the surroundings and complements other colours used for the design of your home. You can opt for a sharp and eye-catching contrast or select a mid-tone colour if you don’t want your dominant roof to overshadow the whole building.

Surrounding environment

If you are not sure which shade to choose for your Colorbond sheets, Perth surroundings might provide the inspiration you need. You can try to match the colour of your roof to the environment around you, be it the bush, beach or an urban area. Pick ocean-inspired hues such as turquoise, teal, azure or sand if you live near the coast or opt for a natural shade of green if you are surrounded by greenery. A combination of a green lawn, white walls and a grey roof is also very captivating regardless of the location. Before making a purchase, check if there are colour scheme requirements in your area.

House style

When it comes to shades of Colorbond roofing, Perth homes are very versatile. Depending on personal preferences and architectural style, they range from the lightest to the darkest hues. To determine the best colour for your home, consider other elements of design. What is the colour of your walls? Is your house modern or heritage? Do you prefer contemporary coastal chic or a traditional farmhouse look? Colorbond roofs are available in a myriad of classic and modern shades from ‘Manor Red’, ‘Classic Cream’ and ‘Woodland Grey’ to ‘Basalt’, ‘Iron Stone’ and ‘Windspray’. While ‘Cottage Green’ is ideal for a traditional Australian home, a much lighter shade of ‘Surfmist’ is better suited for a contemporary beachside house. Your goal should be to find a colour that connects your roof to all other elements of your property. To do this, you can use the same colour for other elements such as a fence, shed or pergola. You can also match the roof colour to one already existing part of your property.