what type of roof lasts longest

What Type of Roof Lasts the Longest?

Installing a new roof is a substantial investment, so choose wisely and opt for the most durable material. It is also important to establish which roofing materials are better suited for the WA climate. Here is what you need to consider!

The Most Durable Roof Types

Not sure whether to install clay or concrete tiles, metal or Colorbond sheets? Perth builders recommend materials that are sturdy, long-lasting and resilient to WA weather. Quality roofs will be able to withstand persistent rain, extreme heat and constant wear and tear. Each material has its advantages and drawbacks, and some of them are better suited for Perth homes, while others work better for other geographic localities. These four roofing options are considered to be the most durable:

Terracotta tiles are oozing classical elegance and are known to be very durable. The main disadvantage is the high installation price. Additionally, they are breakable and require the additional application of sealant, just like concrete tiles. On the other hand, metal and Colorbond roofs are equally durable while being lightweight and easy to maintain.

The Best Roofing Options for Perth Homes

With the combination of durability, affordability and ability to withstand extreme weather, Colorbond is the most popular option among Perth homeowners. These roofs are much less likely to corrode, crack or leak than other roofing materials, and they are even safe to use in bushfire areas because they are resistant to fire. Perth residents often choose to install Colorbond roofs because they are energy efficient and offer thermal protection. The unique formula and protective overlays ensure that the roof reflects the heat and keeps your home cool during hot summer days. Conversely, the roof protects your house from cold breezes and ensures that warmth is captured inside during cool winter months. This means you will be able to reduce energy consumption by minimising the usage of heating and cooling devices.

Advantages of Colorbond Roofing Perth

Colorbond roofs have many benefits, but longevity is the most important one. They can last much longer than tiles and provide better protection against Perth weather than regular metal roofs. The key advantages include:

  • Durability
  • Low installation price
  • Easy maintenance
  • Waterproof and fireproof material
  • Design flexibility
  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficiency

Not sure whether to install a Colorbond roof? Perth builders recommend them because they are cheap and easy to install while providing the best and the most durable protection against heat, water, strong winds and fire. The material is extremely robust and unable to catch fire, corrode or absorb water, which means that the risk of damage is minimal. This makes Colorbond roofs one of the safest and the most cost-effective materials available on the market. With regular maintenance, your roof can last for many years, it comes with a warranty, and you can easily repair or replace it.