the advantages of a metal roof

The Advantages of a Metal Roof – The Best Choice For All Weather

Are you looking for the perfect roof for unpredictable weather in Perth? Metal roofing offers excellent protection from rain, wind and sizzling temperatures while keeping you safe and helping you cut on electricity bills throughout the year. We’ve listed all the key benefits to help you decide whether it is the optimal solution for your home.

1 – Durability

Durability is one of the key assets of metal roofing. Perth residents choose it because it is resistant to water, corrosion and heat. It is also fire resistant, which means it is recommended for homes built in bushfire prone areas. Due to the innovative formula and protective coatings, modern metal roofs can’t burn or corrode, which makes them more durable and safer than other materials. They can last longer than traditional roofs, and the majority of manufacturers offer up to 25-year warranties.    

2 – Safety

Metal sheets are safer because they are weather-proof and because they are much less prone to sagging, cracking and leaking than traditional roofs. They will give you comfort and peace of mind in years to come, regardless of which area of Perth you live in.

3 – Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs pay off in the long run because they can help you lower electricity bills. Your home will be warmer during the winter months and cooler in the summer months, which means you can spend less energy on your heating and cooling devices throughout the year. Whirlybirds can easily be installed, and they are effective are removing warm air during hot summers.

4 – Thermal Protection

More and more Aussies are choosing metal roofs because their unique formula makes them thermally efficient. This because they are crafted from a powerful blend of metals that reflect much of the light during the day. Your home will cool down quickly when the sun goes down because the material is lightweight and doesn’t absorb the heat. With proper insulation, your metal roof can also help you keep the house warm during the winter months.

5 – Affordability

Metal sheets are cheaper than other roofing materials, which means you can easily repair or replace your roof without breaking the bank. Competitive prices make this roofing solution No. 1 choice in Australia!

6 – Easy Installation and Maintenance

Metal roofs are the most affordable option because they are easy to install, repair and maintain. Experts in metal roofing Perth-wide can quickly install a new roof or repair an old one at an affordable price. Regular maintenance will ensure that possible issues are detected and attended to on time.

7 – Design Flexibility

Metal roofs come in a range of colours and can easily be shaped to suit any house layout. Because metal sheets are lightweight, they don’t require many supporting pillars, which means you can have more open-plan spaces inside your home. Additionally, you can choose any shade you like to match other visual elements in the exterior. Colours are of the highest quality to ensure that your roof lasts longer without cracking or peeling. A quality metal roof can add to the property value because it has the desired durability and visual appeal. It is also perfectly suited to WA weather, which is why Perth residents choose it over all other roofing options.