DIY roof repair mistakes why you should leave it to an expert

DIY Roof Repair Mistakes – Why You Should Leave it to An Expert

Roof repair is a pretty complex home improvement project, and one that should never be undertaken by a casual DIY-er. Of course, if you’re not a professional roofer, you may not really understand all the nuances of this trade and at this juncture we gladly say; leave your roof repair to the experts like Red Tag Roofing!

Essentially, the kind of renovation done to your roof will go along way in adding value and improving the curb appeal of your home. You sure don’t want anything that will compromise that.

If you’re experienced with home improvement or have gained some knowledge about it from the internet or books and feel ready to jump onto the bandwagon, try to avoid these 4 common roof repair mistakes. And hey, don’t forget to implement suitable safety measures before embarking on your roof repair Perth project.

1 – Improper Installation of Roof Flashing

Basically, if your roof is designed with two or more spots that join together, a metal flashing has to be installed along the valleys. One of the common mistakes that homeowners commit is incorrectly installing flashing or reusing old flashing in an effort to cut down on their Perth roof repairs cost. While it’s prudent to save on your repair costs, when this process is done poorly and the installed flashing fails, this can translate to serious damage of the entire roofing system that could result in costly repairs or installation down the track.

2 – Failure to Acquire the Mandatory Permits

Whether getting your roof repaired or replaced, you are expected to get the necessary permits before performing any work on it. Unfortunately, most homeowners choosing the DIY roofing project tend to disregard this crucial step. This also compromises the insurance coverage of your roof in case it’s required. If you’re working with a reliable contractor like Red Tag Roofing, you don’t have to worry about the permits as they will take care of it all for you.

3 – Choosing the cheapest materials

Of course, as rational beings we often go for the most inexpensive materials. The irony in this notion is that cheap may turn out to be more expensive in the long term because poor-quality materials don’t last and may be easily damaged. For your Perth roof repairs to stand out, always choose high-quality materials that are durable. You can seek advice from dependable sources including roof repairs Perth experts on the materials that are most suitable for your job.

4 – Ignorance to Safety Measures

Given that roofing is a complex task, a DIY project is never recommended to homeowners owing to the high risk to their health and safety. When planning for a DIY roof repair, remember you have to climb up your roof and if you don’t understand the required safety measures, you can fall off your roof or ladder and get injured.

So, are you ready for a DIY roof repair? If you’re considering hiring a specialist, Red Tag Roofing is the company to choose. We are a roof repair Perth-based company renowned for excellent workmanship, affordable roofing services and the best customer service. We are at your service and whatever your roofing need; roof repair, roof installation, roof maintenance or remodeling needs, we’ve got you covered.