how often should you clean your gutters

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters

Gutter cleaning, whether for your home or business premises, is not a task we often give much thought. And it’s more likely that the state of your gutters doesn’t cross your mind until you notice a plant growing out of them.

Yet, it’s no secret that not giving your gutters the attention they deserve can result in serious and costly consequences to your property.

Our gutter repairs Perth experts will explain in detail everything you need to know about gutter cleaning. Keep reading.

Cleaning your gutters regularly helps you to avoid overflow and damage. Gutters clogged with debris can easily tear away from your property, overflow and eventually cause costly damage to your home.

You sure want to do your due diligence, but have no idea how things like the age of your gutters, frequent storms and surrounding trees, among other things, can affect your cleaning schedule.

At Red Tag Roofing we understand that the question of when and how to get gutters cleaned can sometimes be a hard nut to crack for many property owners.

Regardless of this, the fact remains that your gutters need regular cleaning to ensure they function properly, failing to do so could mean your property may experience untold damage over time.

So, how often should you clean your gutters?

Well, the simple answer to this question is cleaning your gutters twice a year; once in the late spring season and in early autumn. However, the not-so-usual answer to this question is, ‘it depends’.

There are several factors that will determine how often you should clean your gutters.

For example, the dry and hot summer spells bring about accumulation of dry leaves, birds’ nests and small dry branches in your gutters especially if your property is surrounded by tall trees. This may compel you to clean your gutters every few months. Failure to do this may cost you much more in the long run.

If you live in a large, open area or have recently moved to a newly developed housing estate with no trees, then you’ll only need to clean your gutters once a year at most.

Failure to recognise a build-up of debris in your gutters could leave you shocked the next time there’s a heavy downpour when everything starts to overflow. And the worst that can happen is when you fail to notice at all or ignore that your gutters are overflowing, causing extensive damage to your property.

Essentially, when you need help with your gutters, it is important to seek the help of a reliable local roofing company with apt knowhow in roofing.

Be sure to choose a gutter repairs Perth Company or gutter replacement Perth WA expert like Red Tag Roofing when looking for a roofer to fix your gutters safely and professionally as well as replace your old gutters with new.

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